Bennington Potters In the News

Read about Bennington Potters in the news, with links to press and articles about us from the NY Times, Food & Wine, Country Living, New York magazine and more. Also, check out our Videos for more.

Spatter Ware, our History, and the White House

Country Living outlines our history and notes that our splatter ware was chosen in 2008 by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Blue and White Home writes about collecting our splatter ware, and our Spatter Ware at the White House (as seen in Country Living, above).

New York Times

A NY Times article about our Batter Bowl and Simplicity.

More NYT Travel articles mentioning Bennington Potters as well as the town of Bennington: What's Doing In Bennington and Weekender: Bennington.

Food and Wine

Food and Wine magazine discusses the best things to do in Bennington, Vermont - including our Bennington Potter Yardstorefront and taking in one of our Pottery Tours.

New York Magazine

New York Magazine talks about our original mugs as one of the items the famous writer cannot live without.

Another NY Magazine article mentioning our trigger mugs as some of the best mugs for work.

Midnight Madness

Our local paper the Bennington Banner writes about our Midnight Madness event.

24 Hours in Bennington

A mini travel guide of things to do in the Bennington VT area (including a visit to Bennington Potters, of course!) from the YellowNote blog.  

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