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Here's the deal: Until midnight November 23rd, buy 12 qualifying* dinnerware plates and bowls, in whatever combination of shapes, glazes, quantities you like to get 10% off.  Then, once you reach 12, buy as many mugs and cups as you like and get 10% off those too.  Bonanza!

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*Qualifying Dinnerware Plates and Bowls: Classic plates, Dinner, Lunch, Dessert; NewLine plates, Large, Medium, Small; bowls, Medium Basic, Small Basic, Rimmed Soup/Pasta. Qualifying Mugs and Cups:(once 12 qualifying plates and bowls have been selected) Trigger Mug, Tall Trigger Mug, Original Mug, Tankard Mug, American Classic Mug, NewLine Large Cup, NewLine Small Cup, Tumbler.

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