About Us:

Adjacent to the Potters Yard Store
is the Potters Yard Studio

Potters Yard StudioTo enter the Potters Yard Store you must first pass through the old schoolhouse entryway, also known as the potters studio. In this one-room historic building you'll find collectible designer pottery pieces and country home decor furnishings. Afternoon sunlight shines in from several windows around the perimeter of the room illuminating some of the most interesting of the gift and furnishings collections. Not only will you find one-of-a-kind collectibles, but also unique finds, pottery shapes and decorator pieces you won’t see anywhere else. Customers who visit the Potters Yard Studio are never disappointed by the ever-changing display of finery.

Blackberry Presentation Bowl Organics Centerpiece Pie Pan & Equinox Mug

The Blackberry Presentation Bowl, American Classic Equinox Mug and scalloped Centerpiece-of-the-table Pie Pan shown here are just a couple examples of what you might find while browsing the studio. The floor displays are always changing though, so if you've already visited the studio, don't be afraid to make a second trip to Bennington. For discerning shoppers searching for unique elements to accent their home, the Potters Yard Studio is a must visit. There's always something for everyone!