About Us:

Vermont's premier shopping destination
the Bennington Potters Yard Store!

Bennington Elements CollectionThe floors creak as you walk about and browse our store's shopping nooks where pottery is displayed on antique furniture, such as wood stoves, cupboards, wash tubs, tables, and chairs. You'll find yourself feeling as though you're stepping back in time to an era when old country stores were an exploration that consumed you. We guarantee that you won't want to rush in and out of this country store in Vermont! The Green Mountain State is well known for its Vermont products, but what can't be understated is the importance of Made in America.

Bennington Potters is virtually the sole remaining manufacturer of pottery in its class in the U.S., a challenge we are passionate about. You won't find our pottery in those big box stores. Most of our pottery products are still made right here at Potters Yard using manufacturing methods that date back thousands of years. Even though technology has entered into the creation of pottery over the centuries, the basic concept remains the same as it did when pottery was first made in ancient Mesopotamia - present day Iraq and Iran - more than 7,000 years ago.

We don't mass produce. We take four ingredients - secret clay recipes, water, fire and years of learned craftsmanship, and make intricate shapes.

That's what you find in the Potters Yard Store, unique - no 2 exactly alike - stoneware bakeware, dinnerware and serving pieces, along with a wonderful selection of Vermont specialty foods and country home decor items that complement our wares. Best of all, you can build a complete family heirloom collection of Bennington pottery over time. No need to buy everything at once.

Whether you're looking for casual, everday dinnerware, rustic dinnerware pieces, or perhaps serving and table toppers to accent your current stoneware collection, you'll find it at Potters Yard.

For those looking for exclusive pottery, one-of-a-kinds that you won't find anywhere else - you'll find it here!