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Bennington Potters - American Stoneware Pottery From Vermont
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"I did visit your shop when I spent a week in Vermont in October and it was so much more than I expected! The last two years I have done a little shopping online and had the items shipped but this year I did my shopping in person and took it with me---so much more than the catalog shows. Had a good time, brought some friends who had never bought from you before and they bought from you then, too, and will probably buy again. Yay!"
Arlene G., Manchester, ME
Quality Counts!
We pride ourselves on creating handcrafted pottery with a level of quality and design that few other potteries in the world achieve.

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Vermont made
for 65 years.

About Us:

Secret hand-glazing techniques produce
elegant Pottery Glazes in an assortment of colors

Vermont Apple Baker in Traditional Blue Agate Glaze

Dinnerware in Organics Blackberry
Over the years we've made a large number of pottery shapes and experimented with lots of glaze colors and textures. If you have a specific pottery color question, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call at 800-205-8033.


"Traditionals" Collection

"Traditionals" are Bennington's time-honored spatterware glazes. They each consist of two glazes, a tone-on-tone spattering that is most recognized as "The Bennington Look". Our Traditionals pottery glazes are called Blue Agate ("ag get"), Black on Green, and Morning Glory Blue.

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Blue Agate Glaze Blue Agate Glaze

Bennington's signature glaze and is most popular with our customers. A thick spatter of deep cobalt on a warm tan underglaze, this color is one that works well with a wide variety of kitchen, dining room, and country home decors. A favorite glaze for New Englanders and rural communities!


Black on Green Glaze Black on Green Glaze

This rich green and black combination translates the time-honored tartan watch plaid colors into a warm, country look. A favorite glaze for mountain homes and holiday tables!


Morning Glory Blue Glaze Morning Glory Blue Glaze

Bright and cheerful, our light blue glaze is wonderful with white, yellow and other brights. Envision a clear blue morning sky or bright morning glory flowers - you've got the picture. A favorite glaze for warm climates or coastal towns!


"Elements" Glazes

"Elements" are simple, comfortable, matte glazes on a white clay base. These new glaze designs were retrofitted for easy blending with nearly any decor from modern to traditional. The perfect glaze choice for gifting.

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Elements Blue Glaze Elements Blue Glaze

This glaze color evoluted from our "Old Bennington Blue" glaze of years past. Visualize a deep sea blue or darkened clear blue sky and you've got it. It's a retro color that matches well with our Elements Gold (formerly Mustard) glaze and lends itself very nicely to rooms with whites, browns, tans, or soft blues.


Elements Green Glaze Elements Green Glaze

This glaze is a deep pine green that works nicely in country home decors and log cabins. It's a retro glaze we brought back at the request of Potters Yard customers. Elements Green is a wonderful color if you appreciate woodlands and winter pines.


Elements Gold/Mustard Elements Gold/Mustard Glaze

If you've been a collector of our Mustard glaze, not to worry, Gold is still the same soft mustard glaze color that we've been producing for 40 years! We renamed the glaze to give it a fresh look for our new customers, but past customers will know this wonderfully time-tested glaze the instant they see it! Always a classic and blends well with both of the other Elements Glazes and also Blue Agate and Black on Green.


"Organics" Collection

The "Organics Glazes" are a deeply hued matte-finished glaze, designed for a collector that appreciates pottery with warm, rich hand-crafted appeal. Examples are Blackberry, Cinnamon and Chocolate. These pottery glazes will add a contemporary feel to your country home decor. All Organics glazes mix & match well.

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Organics Blackberry Glaze Organics Blackberry Glaze

It's our tribute to Vermont blackberries, this deeply purple glaze is the one you want if you appreciate colorful table settings consisting of handmade, unique stoneware. The Blackberry Glaze is not currently in production but if you call and ask about it, we may be able to find you a very special Blackberry shape for your very own!


Organics Chocolate Glaze Organics Chocolate Glaze

Some of us simply love silky, smooth, dark and lucious chocolate! Once in awhile, some Chocolate glazed pottery is produced for our chocoholic customers! If you are lucky enough to find some on our website, then, you're lucky enough! Hint: Think dinnerware!


Organics Cinnamon Glaze Organics Cinnamon Glaze

From our Organics Collection, Cinnamon began as a potters experimentation and we just fell in love with it. It's dark but not boldly so, and has muted elements of real earthy tones. Also known as "Suede", this handsome glaze mixes well with just about anything! Cinnamon is is exactly like Tavernware only without the additional hand-finishing.


Turquoise GlazeTurquoise

Our newest blue glaze! Turquoise is a jewel-like blue-green that coordinates well with many of our other glazes – try it with Chocolate – yummy! Don't confuse it with Elements Blue – they're two distinctly differently animals. Turquoise is a freckled satiny glaze on a mahogany clay body.


"Tavernware" Collection

"Tavernware" is a rubbed finish, with a rediscovered handmade finishing technique that lends itself well to rustic decors. A Bennington Potters original, this collection combines our simple, organic designs and a classic matte glaze, then it is hand-rubbed to highlight the deep mahogany clay body. The resulting finish is a unique, soft tawny brown with an intriguing variation to each piece, reminiscent of early American pottery. A favorite glaze for folks in rural communities and primitive styled homes.

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Tavernware Glaze Tawny Tavernware Glaze

If you're tired of big box store, mass-produced dinnerware, bakeware and serving pieces... If you're looking for something different to entertain guest with... If you want designer handmade pottery in your home that's reminiscent of how food might have been served in taverns and colonial homes, our Tavernware is for you. Hand rubbed and high fired to be fully sealed, you don't have to worry, all Tavernware shapes are completely food safe.


Art Pottery Glaze/Mt Equinox

Mt Equinox pottery is our own unique Art Pottery glaze and is produced on pieces one at a time and in very limited quantities. Though fully functional pottery, Equinox pottery is produced as accent pieces or superb stand alone gifts. Each piece is a delightful splattering of blues, purples and greens.

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Blue/Green Glaze Mt Equinox Glaze

Did we mention that only a few dozen Mt Equinox pottery shapes are made each year? They are the best of the best here at Potters Yard. You won't find a lot of retail space in our Vermont store dedicated to these pieces, but don't be mistaken, they still generate a lot of attention from our customers.


Limited Production Glazes

Over the years we've made a large number of pottery shapes and experimented with lots of glaze colors and textures. If you have a specific pottery color question, please feel free to send us an email, or give us a call at 800-205-8033.

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Cobalt Blue Glaze Cobalt "Starry Skies" Blue Glaze

A bright cobalt blue that often got confused with our Traditional Blue Agate glaze above. In order to eliminate the confusion we had to limit the production of the color, but occassionally pieces are still made now & then in specific shapes. A special occasion glaze now.


Morning Glory Yellow Glaze Morning Glory Yellow Glaze

Currently this glaze is not in production and may not be back in production again for quite a while. A sister glaze to our Morning Glory Blue and Morning Glory Pink glazes, this glaze has a French Country charm. Be sure to be on our email list to know immediatly when it's back again!


Morning Glory Pink Morning Glory Pink

A very popular glaze color in the 1980's, occasionally some shapes are run in this glaze for special occasions. This Morning Glory Pink glaze is kin to our Morning Glory Blue glaze & Morning Glory Yellow glazes shown above. If you're a collector of Morning Glory Pink pottery, you've got some unique, hard to find pieces. A special occassion glaze now.


White on White Glaze White on White Glaze

Our second best selling glaze, White on White is the most expensive glaze to make. Currently, it is in production for dinnerware, bowls and mugs and occassionally, some accessory shapes are made! To get informed of specialty runs of White on White shapes, you do have to be a part of our email list family! Sign up today because these shapes do go fast when they come around.


Spring Green GlazeSpring Green

This glaze practically shouts spring time! One of old favorite spatter glazes, you'll only see this in production once in a while, so be sure and add it to your collection to bring out the myriad of greens you'll see in the garden year round.


Satin Black Glaze Satin Black

A very seductive matte glaze with a truly luscious sheen! This is a glaze worth watching for and one which works well with all of our other colors. A must have addition for the serious collector. Think tuxedos and evening gowns!


Black on Slate Glaze Black on Slate

Another of our custom spatter glazes, Black on Slate is just a bit more understated than the others and has a very contemporary, sophisticated feel. A special occassion glaze now, it does make an appearance on the website under "Limited Editions" from time to time and is in limited production today! A real find for the collector and far more beautiful than photography can capture.


Satin White Glaze Satin White

A classic, shiny Bennington matte glaze! This glaze doesn't go into production because of the difficulty of firing the white – well, white! We occassionally produce a piece or two in this glaze; see our mugs selection to see if one is being made in this glaze now!


Satin White Glaze Cashmere

Our newest glaze, Cashmere! Not a solid, not quite an agate, this "drip" glaze features two tones of tan and gold with a glossy, shiny finish. In our Bennington store, tables set with this glaze are dazzling and especially so when paired up with dinnerware in the solid blue glazes of Turquoise or Elements Blue or the sensuous matte glazes of Cinnamon (Suede) and Elements Gold.. We have even seen it mixed in with sets with Blue Agate and White on White. Beautiful!

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