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Bennington Potters - American Stoneware Pottery From Vermont
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"I inherited a love of Bennington pottery from my grandmother, and I even signed up for Bennington's wish list when I got married – now many of my friends have gotten to know you! I especially love that I can reach a live person when I call, and if I have to leave a message, someone always gets back to me. I plan to collect Bennington as long as the potters keep making it!"
Amy H., Woodside, NY
Quality Counts!
We pride ourselves on creating handcrafted pottery with a level of quality and design that few other potteries in the world achieve.

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Vermont made
for 65 years.

About Us:

Few Potteries in the world attempt
Bennington's level of hand-craftmanship

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"The trademark of the current Bennington Potters is the solid New England-style pottery shapes that harken back to the very roots of local ceramics production," says Sheela Harden, the president and CEO of the pottery.

All the work is done by hand, and the on-site factory makes about 500 pottery dishes and other stoneware dinnerware, bakeware, and serving shapes a day, on a good day. Their "hands-on" approach to the pottery-making process is unique in today's manufacturing environment.

The potters who work in the factory have over 20 years of experience at their craft, and pride themselves on producing stoneware which involves a level of hand-craftmanship that few other potteries in the world have an interest in doing any longer. The pottery has clung to making historic designs even though that adds to it's cost - a problem that other companies have dealt with by simplifying their designs.

Set of 4 Trigger Stoneware Mugs"All of our pottery shapes have intricate features and complicated kiln firings," says Harden. "These are features that make our handmade pottery unique. We have continued to produce the largest and deepest stoneware bowls made in the U.S. - no one attempts to do what we do."

The potters have remained true to the vision of founder David Gil, who passed away suddenly in early 2002, at age 79. As cookie-cutter dinnerware and bakeware continue to saturate the marketplace, and retailers continue to diversify to the point that they all look like each other, the potters are increasingly seeing that people are looking for something original, something with substance.

Set of 4 Tankard MugsEach piece of Bennington pottery is unique, the quality is superb, no two pieces are exactly alike, which is part of the secret to Bennington's success. From casual and everyday dinnerware to their more rustic Tavernware line, Bennington offers something for everyone.

"I believe people shop the Potters Yard, and now the website, because in this world of mass-produced cheap imports and big box stores, there are still people who are interested in finding one-of-a-kind pottery pieces that are both practical and decorative, just like back in the 19th Century," says Tami Niles, Customer Service Representative. "It's a real joy working with the potters and as I've learned more about Potters Yard history, I too have become drawn towards collecting, and admittedly, even bake a pie from time to time."

But the 51-employee company continues to struggle against ferocious competition from overseas manufacturers which can produce pottery for much less than it costs to make in Bennington. "Such pressures have left Bennington Potters as virtually the sole remaining manufacturer of pottery in its class in the U.S.", says Harden.

The potters have continued to be flexible and done an excellent job in redefining the paradigm of their small pottery-making company, but there's more to the story...

*Excerpts borrowed from "Town's earliest industry still a survivor", July 8, 2004,
Bennington Banner, www.BenningtonBanner.com

Mon-Sat 9:30-6
& Sunday 10-5

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