About Us:

From clay to kiln firing,
see first-hand how Bennington Pottery is made

Handcrafted pottery backstamp Potters yard factory

Now that you've had a chance to read some of the history of Bennington Potters, we welcome you to come visit Potters Yard for a day of shopping, and to take a factory tour, open year round.

Most pottery companies employ high volume assembly lines to produce thousands of pieces per hour, nearly all of which are untouched by human hands. While Bennington Potters is one of the largest working craft potteries in America, we still create less than 500 pieces each day. Our pottery production is organized around individual work stations where carefully orchestrated handwork is completed, rather than around the economies of scale inherent in volume-based businesses.

We believe this unconventional approach makes our pottery special. Creating a diversity of shapes to complement various cooking, entertaining and decorating preferences is something we take pride in, even though it is not the most cost efficient production method.

pottery-making pottery-making pottery-making

We buy powdered clay, so we can control the moisture content, along with blending some of our secret recipes. Every shape that we make requires a different consistency of clay. For instance, our bakeware stoneware recipe includes six different ingredients for durability in the oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher, and for appearance.

Come see how our artisians glaze and stack production pieces on baking cart shelves, and then wheel them on a set of tracks into the kilns to slowly bake until the pieces are hardened.

The skill of the artisans and the many steps necessary to create each piece have fascinated thousands of visitors who have already toured through our factory. Equipment that let's you make thousands and thousands of pieces per hour is really not part of our culture. We have people who care about what pottery looks like, and they know, in a very hands on way, how to create the best possible piece.

Imagine! Before you even touch a piece of Bennington Pottery, it's been handled by crafts people an amazing 48 times as it takes form from clay to true magnificence. And to insure the finest quality, every piece endures 5 different inspections in the quest for perfection. Only then do most pieces earn the Bennington Potters' back stamp.

There's also a downtown Walking Tour

If you're considering a trip to Vermont to tour our factory and shop in our Potters Yard Store, you might also be interested to know that there is a walking tour of downtown Bennington's historic pottery sites that starts right at Potters Yard.

Learn more about the Walking Tour of Downtown Bennington's Historic Pottery Sites. Experience the rich pottery tradition of Bennington through this self-guilded walking, or driving tour, developed by the Better Bennington Corporation and Bennington Museum.