Bennington Pottery
Founder, Artist David Gil

Bennington Potters was founded more than a half century ago by a young potter named David Gil. A graduate of Alfred University, which was renowned even then for its ceramics program, Gil relocated from New York City to Vermont. He began his life's work here in 1948.

For many years Gil lived and worked in a small Bennington barn located just one block from Route 9. In this rustic structure, heated only by the pottery kiln, Gil designed and created pottery intended for everyday use. This potter thoughtfully blended form and function, with a focus on useful objects that wed the artist’s eye and craftsman's hand.

In 1961, Potters' Yard moved to the spacious 4-1/2 acre site where it is now located. Demonstrating a talent that few knew he possessed, Gil retrofitted the buildings and equipment for his own needs, a process common today, but not prevalent forty years ago. Even the grounds were a reflection of his design sense, where a life long goal included saving every tree and bit of natural beauty.

The collapse of a building's roof, lean times, and even devastating fires did not dampen the spirits of this resilient artist. David Gil's approach to business was a robust example of Yankee ingenuity and frugal persistence.

Gil's work is showcased in museums in the United States and abroad. He received a number of citations including the Vermont Small Businessman of the Year Award in 1974 and the Vermont Small Business and Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1998.

In early 2002, at age 79, Gil died unexpectedly. He had just returned from a trip throughout the Northeast, visiting fellow potters. David had intended to see what others in the field were exploring, but instead he made a pleasant discovery; that many were looking to his work for inspiration.

While his energy and creative spark are missed, the dedicated Bennington Potters staff pay tribute to David Gil's life in the way he would have chosen - by continuing his work.

Today, Bennington Potters is one of the few working production businesses remaining from the thousands that once existed in New England mill towns. In the eyes of many, Bennington Potters is a step back in time.