Gifts for Customers, Vendors and Employees

Do you need multiple gifts for your special event?

We can help!

Just let us know how much you'd like to spend, how many people you need to buy for, what Bennington item you are interested in, and of course your thoughts or concerns! This whole process can sound scary but I promise you, it can be fun and easy!

We can mail directly to your clients or co-workers, or if you prefer, all to you at your address.

Don't have our catalog? We will get one right out to you or direct you to the downloadable electronic version so that you can start to look right away. We have plenty of suggestions and even have some tried and true gift sets to tell you about when you call. Bennington Potters does not produce pottery for wholesale sales but we may be able to offer an accommodation discount, just ask!

It's that simple!
We look forward to speaking with you.
Call Tami at 800-205-8033 ext 10 or email