Ten great reasons to come to our BIGGEST annual event!

Midnight Madness is July 17th! Be here or be square!
We’ll see you at 7:00pm!


It's on a Thursday night, so weekend plans don't need to be re-arranged!


The store and factory will also be open. Come, take a peek! Or, just come to browse, that will be fine, too! Free admission. Lots of parking.

Midnight Madness


The perks: We'll have a catering truck for snacks & drinks. Live music for us. Boucey-Bounce for the kiddies.


It's rain or shine. We prefer shine, but, if we have to move everything indoors, that's okay, too.


Bring your friends-- if you don't have any, you'll make new ones!
Midnight Madness


You'll get a lot of holiday shopping done. Even if it's just for yours truly, and you won't spend a lot of do-re-mi.


If your mug isn't famous, we got ones that are! You'll certainly go home with pottery. Over 20,000 shapes of plates, bowls, bake ware & mugs will be put out on the lawn or on pallets. Seconds, over-runs and one-of-a kinds land here, too!
Midnight Madness


There's plenty of non-pottery goodies on sale under the tents. Don't pass this tent by..some real bargains land here!


You'll meet potters. All of us. And our husbands, wives and kids, too.


You'll have a really good time. See you Thursday night! 7PM, sharp.
Midnight Madness
Midnight Madness
Midnight Madness